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St. George school allows students who want to learn Italian to obtain A1-C2 CILS (certificate of knowledge of Italian as foreign language, in Italian: “Certificato di Italiano come Lingua Straniera”) Diplomas.


A CILS Diploma is an official certification which certifies the linguistic-communicative capabilities of the Italian language as foreign tongue. It is the first Italian certification which uses the A1-C2 levels of the Common European Framework. Afterwards, CILS Diplomas can be used at work, to teach Italian, to enrol at Italian universities and to lots of other purposes which require a specific Italian level. Different capabilities (listening, reading, writing, talking and reflecting) are judged in each level by using various backgrounds of communication.



CILS exams

During the examination day, the candidates are identified through their I.D.s. Then each candidate signs to prove that he/she is present to the exam. After identification, the candidates take seat and receive the materials to proceed. Exams start with the listening part: students have to write their answers with a black pen; pencils are not allowed. Then candidates start the reading and reflecting tests and continue writing their answers on the paper. Finally, the writing test begins.

The duration of the exams varies from level to level: from 2 hours for the A1 tests to 5 hours for the C2 tests.

From the afternoon of the same day the oral test begins. This test consists of a conversation with the examiner and in a monologue of the candidate. The test is recorded and sent to the CILS Centre via email.



Types of tests

There are different types of tests which can be submitted to the candidates: ‘objective’ tests, ‘half-open’ tests and ‘open’ and ‘themed’ tests. This kind of verification of the candidates’ competences allows them to express their knowledge in a complete way.




All the linguistic capabilities (listening, reading, writing, talking and reflecting) are taken into consideration to judge the candidates who want to obtain the CILS Diploma. The judgment evaluates the ability of the candidates to use the Italian language in different situations. To obtain the Diploma it is necessary to reach the passing mark in all the abilities.

All the tests are centrally evaluated at the CILS Certification Centre. The Centre has elaborated the parameters to judge the abilities and the tests. This method of judgment represents a guarantee of impartiality for all the candidates.



The delivery of the Diploma

Candidates can get their Diploma at St. George school.

The candidates who do not obtain the passing mark in all the abilities receive a document which certifies the passed abilities. The document may be used later within 18 months to pass the missing tests.



Tests dates

For all the specifications about the dates of the tests, you can visit the dedicated Unistrasi web page.




To enrol you can go to St. George school. Remember to bring a copy of your I.D. St. George school will give you all the information you need. The candidates who are in a condition of handicap must produce a medical certificate to prove it.



Additional activities

To facilitate the approach of the candidates to the Italian culture, St. George school also organizes artistic and professional laboratories and formative courses of music, art, craftsmanship, fashion and cooking with prestigious institutions, academies and conservatories. Made in Italy




St. George school allows its students who study in Darfo Boario Terme (Italy) to stay in a Campus which is composed of classrooms, hotel rooms, restaurants and lots of other services. For more information, you can visit the Campus page.

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