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The University for Foreigners of Siena stipulated an agreement with St. George school on March 6th, 2017. This agreement is focused on:

  • promoting and strengthening actions and projects to improve the knowing and the diffusion of the Italian language and culture in China and a better mutual knowing of the Italian and the Chinese languages, cultures and societies;
  • collaborating to develop itineraries which are focused on the linguistic and cultural formation of the Chinese students in Italy.


To perform this, the University for Foreigners of Siena has activated a specific course for the linguistic training of the Italian language and the musical discipline which is addressed to the Chinese students who are part of the Turandot Project or will continue their studies at Italian conservatories in the North of Italy. The course has been activated at St. George school in Darfo Boario Terme (Italy).


The Turandot Project is composed of 1,000 hours of lessons. Its courses are intended for at least 20 students.



Additional activities

To facilitate the approach of the Turandot Project’s students to the Italian culture, St. George school also organizes artistic and professional laboratories and formative courses of music, art, craftsmanship, fashion and cooking with prestigious institutions, academies and conservatories. Made in Italy




St. George school allows its students who study in Darfo Boario Terme (Italy) to stay in a Campus which is composed of classrooms, hotel rooms, restaurants and lots of other services. For more information, you can visit the Campus page.

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